Some exploration of Christian Zionism

I am reposting here a link to a video about Christian Zionism and Dispensationalist Theology.

There are strong links between Christian fundamentalism and extreme Zionist views of Israel.

There are direct monetary links between the religious right in the US and funding for illegal settlements in Israel (all settlements in the West Bank are illegal under International law and the 4th Geneva Conventions.  Occupying powers are forbidden from transferring their population into occupied territories.)

The political influence of the religious right in the US and the dollars they raise for pro-Zionist organizations will influence the outcome of elections.

In Canada, although the influence of this theology is less obvious organizationally, it is apparent among some politicians.  One wonders just how much this philosophy is affecting the uncritical support of Israel in Canadian foreign policy AND domestic policy, such as recent parlimentary committee on Anti-Semitism..

The video is about a half and hour long.

Onward Christian Zionists

In the video, one commentator states that this is primarily a US phenomenon, but I beg to differ. Christian Zionism is also growing in Europe and in Scandanavian countries.  One of the folks who spoke to my EAPPI group had just completed his doctoral work studying Christian Zionism in Europe, and discussed how enormous the movement was in Finland, his home country.

Some Churches in the US are engaging in “Adopt a Settlement” practices, where they twin with an illegal settlement.  At the core of Christian Zionist belief is a deeply anti-semitic view that Jews will be either destroyed or must convert in the last days.  This seems to me to set up a highly cynical view of the current days expedience of the relationship between Jewish Zionist groups and Christian Zionist groups.  Strange bedfellows, for a purpose beyond this world.

And meanwhile Christian Palestinians suffer; Israeli and Arab Muslims suffer, and truly, Israeli Jews suffer from the ongoing hatred, misunderstanding, anger and dehumanization that grow in the so-called “Holy land”.

Halas!  Enough!  We are all created in the image of God, and God longs for us to love one another.

That which destroys and that which breeds hatred cannot be of God.

I urge you also to read “Kairos Palestine”  and  “The Bethlehem Call” and to hear the voices of Palestinian Christians speaking to the world community, to the People of Palestine and of Israel.


About canadianne

Recently returned from 3 months of Human Rights and Peace accompaniment in Israel and Palestine with the WCC program EAPPI. Married for 30 ys. to Jim; mother of three daughters; therapist; gardener; singer, activist.
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